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Torchwood Family Fics
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A place for family-oriented stories about the TV show Torchwood
This is a community for stories which revolve around the family related interactions of the Torchwood team. Canon family or AU, fluffy or dark, oneshot or rambling monster fic, all are welcome.

1. No wank, unless it's the fun sort that should be hidden behind a cut, in which case it should be hidden behind a cut.
2. Cuts are your friend. Fic heading outside the cut, fic inside the cut please. Cut code is {lj-cut text="Cut text here"} {/lj-cut} but with crocodile brackets
3. Please to be using this posting template for your header or something ticking all the same boxes:

Characters: Including the family you're using

What goes here:
* Tosh's reunion with her family
* Ianto finding out that he and Jack are going to be dads
* Owen giving up on his mum
* Gwen dodging Brenda
* Jack finding out about Steven
* Andy's cousin being rescued from a Weevil

What does not go here:
* Jack and Ianto PWP. Unless there is a lot of dicussion about their family at the same time, which most people would find weird.
* Bashing, unless it's of someone who really deserves it (and I'm thinking Brenda, not Gwen.)
* Anything that is not fic or art or vid or other creative enterprise involving family.
* Families of aliens landing on Earth. Unless they're really cute fluffy aliens and Jack decides to give them to Steven to look after. Sorry, but they're not related to the team. Unless they're Jack's long lost cousins, in which case they are, so go ahead!

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Note: Fiwen has never set up a community before. This is scary stuff.